Jungle Disk is Now CyberFortress

Recent acquisitions create a global, one-stop provider, featuring the most complete and rapid data recovery of ultra-secure backups for any size organization

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS, July 13, 2022 – Following the integration of its September 2021 acquisition of KeepItSafe, LiveVault and OffsiteDataSync from J2 Global, Jungle Disk has rebranded as CyberFortress, a global company providing managed data backups built to prevent business disruption through rapid recovery. The synergy of these combined products, services and specialists enables CyberFortress to provide a level of security and speed unique to the industry. For customers, the burden of managing such a complex and critical function can now be shifted to the credentialed backup and recovery specialists at CyberFortress. 

Once a simple nightly task, data backup has become a daunting endeavor. Downtime is unacceptable, so recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs) must be measured in minutes. Data is everywhere — in SaaS apps, laptops, servers, smartphones and the cloud. And the threat of cyberattack, especially from ransomware, has never been higher. For too many companies, backup has become disorganized and incomplete, requiring multiple vendors with different specialties, which must then be managed by the customer. 

CyberFortress provides comprehensive backup, Disaster Recovery (DR) and recovery, with coverage for all of a company’s data protection needs, no matter its size. All backups are kept safe in a combination of highly secure, geo-separated data backup locations, and recovery can take as little as 15 minutes. 

CyberFortress is also differentiated by the quality and training of its people. The company’s specialists follow a Four-Step Backup™ system, beginning with the creation of a data recovery map to understand what data a customer has, where it’s located, and what RTOs and RPOs are necessary. After building and executing on a custom backup and recovery plan, CyberFortress then continuously backs up, monitors and tests to help ensure data is ready for recovery at a moment’s notice. Customers will never have to wonder whether their data is recoverable because CyberFortress keeps them constantly informed with Continuous Readiness Reporting.

Should a customer need to recover data, CyberFortress’ Rapid Recovery Force™ members are available directly by phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year – no matter where or when a data emergency occurs. 

“CyberFortress has combined four companies to create an experienced and innovative backup and recovery solutions and services provider. As a result of our strong partnership with the BaaS and DRaaS parts of the business, we are confident in their team of specialists delivering Veeam-powered solutions and services to our joint customers. We look forward to continued collaborative success as we work alongside CyberFortress to deliver the most efficient and trusted data protection products.”

 – Matt Kalmenson, Vice President of Cloud & Service Providers, Americas at Veeam

“As a healthcare provider with more than 40,000 patient records, it is our responsibility to ensure that our patient business records are protected in the event of an IT failure. Should a catastrophic event occur, data preservation, business continuity and patient privacy is our first concern. But with CyberFortress’ comprehensive backup and complete disaster recovery solutions, it is our last worry.”

— Deborah Beyer, Practice Administrator at Rochester Gynecologic and Obstetric Associates, P.C

“We saw that organizations were struggling to manage all their data, and especially to recover all of it when disaster strikes. The market lacked a comprehensive, secure solution that didn’t require half a dozen vendors. So, we crafted a plan to build a company that could provide that solution. Now, all across the world, from our headquarters in San Antonio to our facilities in Australia, CyberFortress is empowering customers everywhere with the fastest, most pain free data recovery experience.”

 — Bret Piatt, CEO of CyberFortress. 

For more information on CyberFortress, please visit https://cyberfortress.com.   

About CyberFortress

CyberFortress is a global company that makes it simple to fully back up and rapidly recover all lost or stolen data to prevent damage and disruption to organizations of all sizes. Data is stored in secure, geo-redundant facilities, and our suite of solutions enables our data recovery specialists to create a custom, comprehensive solution for each customer. Whenever a customer needs data recovery, they receive live, personalized support from a credentialed specialist, every hour of every day of the year.

CyberFortress is based in San Antonio, Texas. For more information, please visit https://cyberfortress.com/ 

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